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About Us

The educational philosophy of the Greene County School District is to provide each child opportunities for intellectual stimulation, self-realization, and physical and emotional growth in an effort to prepare them, within the limits of his potential to function effectively as a member of an ever-changing society. These educational opportunities must, therefore, be appropriate to the needs of the community and society served. Education must be dynamic and diverse; continuously adjusted and improved. The following philosophical hypotheses underlie this district's commitment to continual improvement of its educational process:

  • Almost all students are capable of achieving excellence in learning the essentials of formal schooling
  • Success influences self-concept; self-concept influences learning and behavior
  • The instructional process can be changed to improve learning
  • Schools can maximize the learning conditions for all students by:
    • establishing a school climate which continually affirms the worth and diversity of all students
    • specifying expected learning outcomes
    • expecting that all students perform at high levels of learning
    • ensuring that all students experience opportunities for personal success
    • varying the time for learning according to the needs of each student and to the complexity of the task
    • having administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents all take responsibility for successful learning outcomes
    • determining instructional assignment directly through continuous assessment of student learning
    • certifying educational progress whenever demonstrated mastery is assessed and validated.

This statement of mission directs the educational goals of the Greene County School District. The district's policies, regulations, and procedures must be consistent with the mission. Therefore, implementation of the mission statement shall not be limited to particular classrooms or schools, but understood to apply to all school situations. This statement shall be under constant scrutiny to determine appropriate revisions so that it may accurately reflect the educational philosophy of the Greene County School District.